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Purchasing Costs


It can be said that the costs to be incurred when buying a house are quite diverse. The costs paid when buying a house are:

Realtor Commission

If you are buying a house from a real estate agent, you will also pay a certain commission fee at the end of the transaction. Mostly, this cost corresponds to 3% of the sale price of the house.

Title Deed Fee

When the property is purchased, an expense called the title deed fee has to be paid. This is 4% of the sale price of the house and is shared between the buyer and the seller. The title deed fee to the buyer’s share is 2% of the price of the house. In some cases, the buyer pays the entire price in agreement with the seller.

Revolving Fund Cost

The state receives revolving funds from real estate sales. This fee is 162 TL.

Property tax

Property tax is a type of tax that must be paid for real estate owned. When you buy a home, you will be required to pay property tax on your property one year after the date of purchase.

House Price

The most important of the expenses in buying a house is the money you will give for the house.

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