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Real Estate Market Analysis of the Mediterranean Region

Real Estate Market Situation Analysis in the Mediterranean Region

What are the advantages of buying real estate in and around Antalya, the capital of tourism?
Is success in tourism also valid in real estate?
Why should you buy real estate in the Mediterranean region?

Antalya, the capital of tourism, and nearby regions reflect the success it has achieved in tourism to the real estate sector. While real estate prices in the city increased by 20 percent compared to last year, the market started to stagnate. People are very interested in these regions, which are expected to continue to increase in prices in the coming period. Being one of the fastest growing cities of the Mediterranean Region, Antalya is also called the capital of tourism. With its population exceeding one million, it has started to receive a serious migration from various cities of Turkey. While the population of the city exceeds 1 million, land prices in the city have increased significantly in the last 5 years. For example, 5 years ago, a thousand m2 land was sold at prices between 150-180 thousand TL, but now it is sold for 1.5 million TL. In this region, which has seen a 20 percent increase in prices since last year, a recession prevailed in the real estate market due to the price increase. The leading real estate experts of the city also commented on the SWOT analysis prepared by SOM Valuation and the developing real estate market of the city.

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